May 2019

The Largest Earth Day Celebration in NKY is in Fort Thomas on May 5

Fort Thomas’ Earth Day celebration is Sunday, May 5 in the Mess Hall at Tower Park (12:00 - 5:00) and it’s bigger and better than ever. There are over 45 exhibitors, vendors, food trucks, a beer truck, lots of kids activities, educational, and information displays. Here are a few highlights of what you can expect at the first big city-wide gathering for the year.

There will be lots of kids activities ranging from face painting (sponsored by First Baptist Church), tree climbing, natural dye t-shirt (sponsored by Natural Start Pre-School), rock painting, and more. Children will be able to go home with a little something to plant in the yard and stories to tell. Organizer Sidney Thomas says it will be “a perfect day for the whole family to enjoy.  Children will enjoy face painting, paint a pot and plant a seed; while adults can learn to create a certified backyard habitat as well as understand backyard chicken and beekeeping.  This is a great way for your family to discover the excitement and education that exists in your own backyard.

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February 2019

Maple Syrup Program: From Sap to Syrup

How does tree sap become maple syrup? Find out Sunday, February 24 in a hands on hour demonstration.

Trisha Schroeder, event organizer and an FTFC Director, says, “Participants will learn all about sap and how it becomes syrup.   They will learn why the sap is rising for only this short time in February/March by briefly learning about the life cycle of a tree. The program will go over tools to tap a tree and demonstrate how to tap a tree. The program will end by heading outside to the woods in Tower Park to learn how to identify a maple tree in winter. They will discover a small grove of maple trees with one that has been tapped and, if it is running that day, to taste the sap straight from the tree. Whether the tree is running that day or not, the participants will get to taste the three stages of maple syrup production.” 

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December 2018

Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy, Annual Update
Be a Fore for Nature

A Note from the Chair, Chuck Keller

FTFC has had a busy 2018! Throughout the course of the year our FTFC Board, members and numerous volunteers found a number of ways to support our mission. I’m especially pleased to share with you on our new website The website creation project was led by FTFC board member, Jason Weier. The talented local photographer, Lenny Beck, donated his photos. We encourage you to bookmark the site now so you can keep up with 2019’s activities and news.

The Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy has great volunteers and we would love to add you to that list. Please consider getting involved. We love people who make things happen. It’s going to be an exciting year. Our annual report reflects just how busy we have been, but also hints at the vitality of 2019. Our mission is to preserve and protect our green space as well as educate the public in what they can do. We can’t do it all, but if each of us does a little then we can accomplish great things. We encourage everyone to be a force for nature.

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November 2018

Chainsaw Safety Workshop and Invasive Species Removal Set for November 17 at Rossford Park Sponsored by Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy

Here’s an opportunity for you to brush up on your mechanical skills and improve the natural health of the community.

First, the skills. The Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy (FTFC) is sponsoring a chainsaw safety workshop at 10:00 at Rossford Park. Bring your protective eyewear and gloves if you have them, but FTFC will have some on hand for you to use. Dress accordingly as well. Meet near the ballfields.  The training will focus on chainsaw safety and operation for invasive woody plant control.

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Septmember 2018

Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy Lands $10,000 Grant That Restored Historic Hubbard Studio

There has been some activity in the middle of town on Highland Avenue - Moyer school has been renovated, a couple of residences are undergoing renovation or being built, and the Harlan Hubbard Studio and Nature Preserve has been quietly undergoing historic renovation.

If you don’t know, Harlan Hubbard is often called the Thoreau of Kentucky, but he developed his skills and philosophy in the middle of Fort Thomas in a a home and studio that he built. Hubbard and his wife left Fort Thomas and floated down the Ohio River to New Orleans, traveled the country, and then settles in a remote spot in Trimble County, Kentucky where he lived an isolated, rugged, yet sophisticated life without running water or electricity. Hubbard influenced contemporary writer Wendell Berry, local bluegrass artists, The Tillers, and area artist Ken Swinson.  His art and writing remain popular because he speaks to our desire to be with nature and find deeper meaning in that relationship.

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April 2018

Be Part of the Largest Earth Day Celebration in NKY in Fort Thomas on April 22.

The Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy and the City of Fort Thomas are sponsoring the largest Earth Day celebration in Northern Kentucky on April 22, 12:00 - 5:00, at the Mess Hall and surrounding area in Tower Park in the heart of Fort Thomas.  It will be a jam packed day of fun activities. The celebration will feature vendors, exhibitors, activities for kids and adults, and food trucks.

Debbie Buckley, the city's economic developer, says, “This year’s Earth Day event is going to bring so many groups together who share a love of our natural resources. One would never guess how many people in Fort Thomas and our neighboring community focus their talents and passion on protecting and enriching the earth around us. From bicycles to recycling, from hiking to composting, these vendors and participants love this earth. Everyone should see this because you live here too.” 

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October 2016

Secret Honey Hole Discovered In Harlan Hubbard Studio

Hidden away behind a historical home is a small detached studio with an amazing story.

Sidney Thomas, the wife of the late Bill Thomas, owns the home and the surrounding property. She became concerned when she saw a swarm of bees going into the detached studio at the back of her property. Chuck Keller and Teresa Hill, friends and members of the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy, showed up and Chuck called in some experts.

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