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Our Mission:

Be a force for nature.

Our mission is to protect, restore, and conserve the natural areas that contribute to the vitality and unique character of Fort Thomas through land preservation, responsible stewardship, and the promotion of community awareness understanding, and enjoyment for present and future generations.

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Did you know?

• Fort Thomas’ land area is 3,661 acres and 31% of it is still forested.

• About 86 acres are considered high quality (large crown) forest and another 200 acres are medium quality (medium crown) forest.

• We have nearly 4 miles of land fronting the Ohio

• Our forests are threatened by invasion of non-native plants, insects, and diseases and pressure from urbanization.

• Measurable benefits of forests include biological diversity, air quality improvement, noise, and light buffering, property values, and lower crime.

• Other benefits related to recreation, outdoor education, wildlife habitat, natural heritage, and community way of life.

Get Involved

We are a 501(c)3 land trust. Our mission is to protect our surrounding forests, encourage and/or oversee conservation easements, educate the public, develop community activities, and work with the city on numerous environmental projects. When you become a member of the Fort Thomas Forest Conservancy you are making a statement that our forests are valuable to our way of life and that they need protection. 

As a member, we encourage you to volunteer for any of our activities or get involved in one of our projects (Earth Day, Model Native Garden, trails, Hubbard Studio and Preserve, conservation easement/management, fundraising, etc.) or you can allow your annual membership dues to work for you. Check the Volunteer page for more information.